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5 Signs Your Foreign Car Needs Maintenance 

There’s nothing more inconvenient than being stranded on the side of the road with a car that’s broken down. To avoid this scenario, it pays to be vigilant about the health of your vehicle and get maintenance when needed. Luckily, your foreign car will usually give you some hints that it needs attention. 

Here are 5 signs that your car is calling out for help!   

Weird Noises

Foreign cars, like all vehicles, make unique noises as parts begin to wear out. If you notice any new clunks, squeals, or whirs coming from under your hood, that’s a clear sign something needs fixing. Pay close attention to noise changes when starting your engine, while accelerating, or when braking. The longer you wait, the more damage can occur. 

At Signal Hill Foreign Auto Services, our expert mechanics can pinpoint the source of any strange sounds. We have years of experience diagnosing and repairing issues for all makes and models, so we can get your vehicle back in proper working order quickly. Trust the professionals to fix any noise-related problems before they become expensive repairs.

Reduced Acceleration or Power

When your foreign car seems to lose power or doesn’t accelerate as quickly and smoothly as usual, that could indicate several issues – clogged fuel filters, transmission problems, a faulty mass airflow sensor, or more. Notice changes in how easily your vehicle climbs hills, how long it takes to reach highway speeds, or how readily the engine responds when you press the accelerator.

Our diagnostics at Signal Hill Foreign Auto Services can catch power-related problems early before costly damage is done. Our computerized testing can locate the precise systems or components needing repair so you’ll know exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it. Don’t ignore signs of reduced acceleration – get your foreign car checked out as soon as you notice a difference.

Check Engine Light 

This little light is your car’s way of alerting you that something is amiss – so never ignore an illuminated check engine light! It could indicate anything from a loose gas cap to a failed catalytic converter. The longer you drive, the more harm you could cause.

At our shop, we have the high-tech diagnostic equipment required to read and decipher check engine codes specific to your make and model. We can determine the root issue and recommend the right repair. Don’t drive around with your check engine light on – have our qualified mechanics diagnose and fix the problem before further damage occurs.

Oil Level or Condition Changes

A sudden drop in oil level or a change in oil color/consistency is a warning sign that maintenance is needed. Checking your dipstick periodically can alert you if your oil level has fallen below minimum requirements, which signifies a leak that must be found and sealed. 

The oil that has turned much darker than usual or looks thin and watery means it’s time for a change. Used oil loses its lubricating properties and can truly cause damage if it goes too long without being replaced. Our technicians at Signal Hill Foreign Auto Services can inspect your oil and top it off if needed, as well as perform full oil changes customized for your specific vehicle. Keeping up with recommended oil maintenance is essential for your foreign car’s health.

Irregular Tire Tread or Pressure 

Pay close attention to your tires – they’re the only part of your vehicle that’s actually in contact with the road. If your tire tread looks uneven or unusually worn, that could indicate a problem with your alignment or suspension. And underinflated tires can cause excess wear, poor handling, and reduce gas mileage.   

Let our expert mechanics at Signal Hill Foreign Auto Services inspect your tires for any issues. We check the tread depth, inspect for uneven wear, and always rotate and balance your tires when replacing or installing new ones. Proper tire maintenance is vital to your foreign car’s safety, performance, and longevity. Don’t neglect the signs – get your tires checked today!

When it comes to a Foreign Automobiles, it doesn’t matter if it’s strange noises, diminished power, check engine lights, oil maintenance alerts, or worn tires, your foreign car will give you hints when it needs service. 

Don’t ignore these warning signs – have our experienced mechanics inspect and repair your vehicle before further damage occurs. Contact Signal Hill Foreign Auto Services today to schedule an appointment and get your car back in tip-top shape!