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Winter Car Care Tips for Foreign Vehicles

Preparing Your Foreign Ride for Winter Weather

While winter weather can be beautiful to look at, it most certainly takes its toll on our vehicles. As temperatures drop and the snow starts flying, it’s important that we properly care for and prepare our foreign autos. At Signal Hill Foreign Auto Services, we want to ensure all of our clients safely navigate the winter months. So we’ve put together some of our top winterizing tips to help you and your luxurious ride weather the storm.

Battery Check-Up

As the weather turns colder, a battery’s ability to hold a charge decreases. So one of the first things you’ll want to test is your battery. Give it a voltmeter check – it should register around 12.6 volts when running. If it’s lower, it may be time for a replacement before winter fully sets in. We also recommend having a battery load test done to check its reserves. Getting ahead of potential battery issues will prevent unexpected breakdowns on frigid mornings.

Beautiful Buy: Checking your battery is one of the quickest and most impactful winter prep steps. Don’t get stuck with a dead battery – have yours inspected now.

Antifreeze Check

Next up is inspecting antifreeze levels and the coolant mixture. Proper coolant helps prevent freezing which can crack your engine block. The mixture should be at least 50/50 antifreeze to distilled water. Check fluid levels are full and there is no contamination. While you’re at it, inspect all hoses and connectors for cracks or leaks. Contact one of our certified mechanics if anything looks questionable – we’ll get you sorted before issues arise. 

A Warm Thought: Maintaining proper coolant levels and concentration is vital to protect expensive engine components in freezing temps. Let us inspect your system’s condition.

Windshield Washer Fluid Swap

Be sure to drain out any remaining summer washer fluid and replace it with a winter formula before the first frost. Summer fluid can freeze up in sub-freezing conditions, rendering your washers inoperable when you need them most. Our technicians recommend at minimum a -20°F rated fluid to tackle whatever Mother Nature throws our way this season.

Wiper Blade Check

Along with washing ability, good visibility is essential in inclement weather. Inspect wiper blades for cracks, splits, or excess wear. Blades over 12 months old should be replaced as rubber becomes brittle with age and loses effectiveness. Our experts can swap out blades on most makes and models in just a few minutes so you’ll be set for clear viewing all season long. 

Heating & AC System Check 

Now’s the perfect time to verify your car’s climate control is prepped for the variable weather ahead. Have our pros check your air conditioning for pressure, and coolant conditions and ensure all components are secure. The last thing you want is a breakdown on a hot day. They’ll test your heating components too, like checking thermostats and ensuring warm, circulating airflow. Proactively preparing here ensures comfort year-round.

Signs of the Season: Having operational heat and AC prevents discomfort in either extreme. Book your vehicle’s system check soon for seasonal readiness.

Tire Tread & Pressure 

As temperature drops, so does your tire pressure. Be sure to check pressure is at manufacturer specifications in all four tires – under-inflation reduces tread life. Inspect treads too while you’re at it. The minimum safe tread depth is 2/32 inch, but for snow or slush we recommend at least 4/32 inch of tread remaining. Have our mechanics install seasonal tires if needed to safely grip wintery roads.

Light Inspection 

Don’t underestimate the importance of properly functioning lights in low-light winter driving conditions. Make sure all exterior lights like headlights, fog lights, brake lights, turn signals, and backup lights are clean and operational. Our experts can identify any bulb issues that need addressing before safety becomes compromised. While you’re there, we’ll inspect and top-off interior lighting too for maximum visibility both day and night.

Accessory Check 

It’s equally important to prepare your luxury ride with a few key winter accessories to stay safe and comfortable. Have winter floor mats installed and wax or treat leather upholstery? Check wiper blade fluid and that all scrapers and brushes are in good condition. Our techs can recommend winter-specific items like protection for door seals and underbody spray or to give touchless car starter systems an inspection too.

Winter Driving Kit

Lastly, ensure you have essential items in your vehicle should unexpected weather, breakdowns, or delays occur. We recommend at minimum: warm clothes, blankets, boots, gloves, a snow shovel, ice scraper/brush, traction aids, flashlight and batteries, a first aid kit, non-perishable snacks and drinks, and of course fully charged cell phones. Having safety equipment on board provides peace of mind no matter what road conditions arise.

Early Action Alert: With our expertise by your side, you can rest assured your foreign ride is truly ready for winter’s wrath. Book your vehicle’s full inspection today to prepare ahead of the snowy season.

With careful winter preparation using the tips above, you can feel confident navigating whatever seasonal challenges come your way while safeguarding your automobile investment too. 

The certified technicians here at Signal Hill Foreign Auto Services are ready to help with thorough vehicle inspections, any needed repairs, and of course seasonal maintenance specials. Trust our team of experts to ensure your luxury vehicle handles winter weather with ease so you can focus on enjoying the season stress-free. Contact us today to schedule your foreign ride’s comprehensive winter check-up at a location near you!