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Winterizing Your Foreign Car

As the experienced mechanics at Signal Hill Foreign Auto Services in Seattle know, winter temperatures and conditions take their toll on vehicles. From icy roads to heavy snowfall, the season comes with driving challenges requiring preparation. To ensure your luxury foreign vehicle braves the season dependably, follow these experts’ recommended winterization checks.  

Change to Winter Tires

All-season tires work for three seasons but lack adequate traction when road temperatures dip. Winter-specific tires feature softer compounds and tread designs gripping snow and ice better for control and shorter braking distances. Swap sooner for earlier storms.

Check the Anti-freeze Level and Condition

Fill reservoirs and check antifreeze/coolant protects to -34°F. At five years, this mixture breaks down so replace it completely if needed through our radiator flush service. Top-quality coolant avoids freezing and overheating risks.

Inspect Wiper Blades & Refill Washer Fluid  

Replace worn or cracked blades unable to fully clear glass. Fill windshield washer reservoirs plus de-icer bottles with a winter formula that doesn’t freeze to keep lines and nozzles from cracking under subzero temps. 

Lubricate Door Locks and Latches

Avoid locks freezing in place with lubricant sprayed into locking mechanisms. Silicone varieties resist both water and ice buildup. Also, apply to rubber door seals and trunk/hood compartment edges potentially sticking.

Check Battery Charge and Connections  

Cold saps cranking power requires testing by our technicians. Tight, clean terminals avoid voltage drops due to oxidation or corrosion affecting starts. Replace batteries under four years old that cannot handle demanding cold loads & temps. 

Inspect Braking Systems Thoroughly  

Check brake pad thickness, fluid level in reservoirs, and suspension for excessive wear affecting stopping ability. Saturated shoes can sometimes get resurfaced for another winter’s safe use.

Have Heating/Cooling Systems Serviced   

Ensure your climate control maintains the ideal interior temperature for comfort while concentrating safely. Address any glitches through precision diagnostic testing before seasonal use begins. 

Consult Snow Tire Package Deals   

For maximum safety prepare with complete snow tire/wheel setups professionally swapped and stored through our shop once the white stuff arrives. Leave equipment driving prepared!

Schedule any needed repairs promptly by contacting our experts. Proactively protecting your investment in extreme weather is key to enjoyable miles through every season.