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10 Essential Accessories to Upgrade Your Foreign Ride

At Signal Hill Foreign Auto Services, we’ve seen first-hand how small additions can make a big difference in functionality and convenience. Whether commuting to work or taking a road trip, these must-have items will enhance your driving experience.

Hands-Free Bluetooth Kit

A wireless kit allows completely hands-free calling and music streaming through voice commands from the dash. This keeps you safe on the road without distractions. Many models let you pair multiple phones so the whole family can easily connect. 

Wireless Charger  

Mount this charging pad on your dash or vent and simply drop your phone onto it for charging without cables. Its magnetic design ensures a strong grip even over bumpy roads. No more fumbling for charging ports with this convenient solution.

Dash Cam

Record your drives with an intuitive dual-lens camera that faces both inside and outside your vehicle. Models with parking monitoring provide peace of mind even when parked. Automatic recording upon collision impact captures important evidence if needed.

A driver adjusting their rearview mirror which also has a Dashcam attached to it

Cargo Organizer Set  

Collapsible bins, nets, and dividers transform your trunk into customized storage. Keep smaller gadgets, clothes, tools, and snacks neatly separated and secure even on sharp turns. Everything has its rightful tidy place.

Car Charger Adapter

A dual port adapter inserts into your cigarette lighter to simultaneously juice up phones, music players, or anything else using USB. Make the most of longer trips by keeping all devices at maximum power. 

Phone Mount  

A magnetic or air vent mount puts your GPS or music right where it’s easily seen at the perfect viewing angle. Keep both hands safely on the wheel while following turn-by-turn directions as needed. 

First Aid & Roadside Kit

Be prepared for any situation with basic supplies, tools, and essentials stored neatly together. From a flashlight for changes to bandages for accidents, peace of mind comes standard with one of these versatile kits.

A First Aid Kit with all the items required in a kit arranges around it for reference

Massaging Seat Cushion  

Long drives feel like a breeze thanks to soothing heat and vibration integrated into an ergonomic design. Multiple intensities relieve tired shoulders, and lower back aches and promote alert concentration.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

A handy handheld vacuum easily restores any spills or mess with powerful suction and convenient portability. Extendable hoses uncover every hidden crumb while preserving your luxury ride’s pristine presentation.

Aroma Diffuser

Fill the cabin with relaxing scents through this quiet diffuser. Whether lavender for soothing relaxation or citrus for an energy boost, custom fragrances enhance your riding experience through sights and smells.

Hopefully, some of these simple but useful accessories catch your eye! Contact us anytime with vehicle questions.