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A white Volvo in a parking garage

Volvo’s Hidden Gems: Volvo Features You Might Not Know About

Volvos are packed with features – but did you know some awesome abilities are hiding in plain sight? We’re spilling secrets to help unlock your ride’s full potential! As mechanics at Signal Hill Foreign Auto Services who’ve serviced hundreds of Volvos, we’ve discovered all sorts of surprises. Keep reading for tricks to maximize what your Volvo can do.

Hidden Storage Compartments 

Remove your floor mats and you may find a handy basket underneath for loose items. On newer models, gently pry open doors, trunk, or center console panels, and voila – extra cubbies. These stashes are perfect for gadgets, gloves, or emergency kits out of sight but easy to reach. Who said Volvos can’t hide things? 

Access Hidden Menus 

Press and hold your trip reset button while turning your key to enter a diagnostic menu displaying various stats, including codes that could explain odd behaviors. Programmable buttons also let you alter displays. Save hours at the shop by troubleshooting yourself with these secret tools. 

Use Safety Hacks

Your Volvo’s designed to protect, but did you know the reversible rear headrests also double as child seat holders in a pinch? Use them to safely secure boosters without installing anchor points. Or the inflatable rear seat belts can double buckle smaller kids safely, despite not being car seats. Get creative with safety features!

Open the Interior

Removing interior panels is simple with plastic pry tools and screwdrivers. This reveals hidden fan motors, wiper motors, or fuses in the drink holders – perfect spots to stash valuables out of sight in the central tunnel. With step-by-step DIY how-tos online, our mechanics show you can tackle small jobs yourself easily.

Tap into Customizable Tech 

Volvo constantly updates features through apps and Over-The-Air software updates. Enjoy the latest infotainment, assisted driving, and remote features on your smartphone without ever stepping foot inside a dealer. Customizable drive modes and displays also let you personalize your experience. Keep systems optimized through the Volvo app!

Use Cargo Space Strategically 

Folding rear seats lay almost perfectly flat for big loads. But did you notice the floor also lifts, revealing hidden under-floor cubbies? Versatile rails let you position crossbars higher or lower as needed. Maximize every inch of this Swedish super wagon’s utility with a little inventiveness! 

Lock Into Off-Road Capability 

Terrain response settings allow selected all-wheel drive Volvos to mimic lower SUV profiles on rough roads. Limited-slip differentials maintain traction over slippery surfaces. Interested in exploring further? Take steps to protect underbody components like the oil pan, then hit those dirt roads with confidence! 

We hope these hidden secrets give your Volvo new life and usefulness! Contact our pros anytime for advice on features, repairs, or maintenance to maximize safety, tech capability, and lifetime quality. Combined with their expertise and your ingenuity, there’s no limit to what you and your Volvo can accomplish!